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Service during the coronavirus pandemic


Each Doctor would like to reassure everyone that they are doing all they can to ensure that the practice here at Old Cleveland Road Clinic continues to offer a high quality of service during this period of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Clinic remains in continuous communication with the Health Authorities to ensure that your doctor is following the most up to date guidelines for management. (These are still changing frequently, and it is expected they will continue to do so.)

All calls and appointments are being screened. Anyone who is deemed to be at risk of Coronavirus infection is being directed to remain outside the clinic.
Other people who are deemed to be potentially infectious, but not with Coronavirus, are asked to remain outside until being assessed by a doctor. If there is a risk of potential influenza or other infection, and the patient needs to be brought into an isolation room set up next door in Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology. Patients will be taken there by a separate entrance to avoid contamination of the main surgery area and to reduce any risk of cross-infection. PATIENTS – PLEASE WEAR A MASK IF ATTENDING THE SURGERY.

If people are unable to, or prefer not to attend the surgery for any reason, Medicare has allowed us to offer Bulk Billed Telephone or Skype consultations for patients seen in the last 12 months. Please ring as you normally would to book a time with the doctor of your choice for a telephone, Skype, or surgery consultation.

Obviously, some visits will necessitate a physical examination and face to face consultation. However, to reduce the risk of infection, especially for high-risk patients made vulnerable by their age, ethnicity, chronic disease or social situation, and so it will endeavoured to do as many telephone or telehealth consultations as possible, and still practice good medicine. For telephone consultations, you must have attended the surgery in the last 12months preceding the date of consultation.

Thank you for your co-operation during this difficult time. Please exercise patience with the staff when they go through the screening process. It is important for everyone to be honest with their answers.  The Reception Staff are under extreme pressure at the moment with rapidly changing directions. They have been doing a fantastic job. It is requested that you continue to show them respect and patience. Please follow their instructions by standing an appropriate distance from the reception desk, as indicated by floor markings. Please leave the chairs spaced in the waiting room as they are to practice adequate social distancing. Like most other businesses at present, it is asked to avoid cash, so all payments will preferably be by card transactions.

Your co-operation is appreciated during this trying time.

Virtual appointments

The surgery will be open during usual hours and be available as usual.
Please detail exactly what your needs are when making an appointment.
Appointments will be made as usual and the doctor will ring and contact you at for your consultation.

If you feel there is something visual – this may be managed on a Facetime or Skype connection
Please tell the staff that you require this and tell them your preference:

  • Facetime – Mobile number required
  • Skype – Email address required. Skype must be installed on your computer or mobile, and you must have access to a camera and/or microphone

If for any reason that the surgery closes during usual opening hours, it has been arranged for the Surgery phone lines to be diverted to be able to make telehealth appointments for you.
As this will involve only one staff member, please be patient.

Mental health

During these very stressful times that even the strongest of people will be tested emotionally.

Referrals for psychological support can be organised under Medicare through consultation.

Please contact the surgery should you be feeling that you need further assistance to arrange a referral.

The Commonwealth Government may certainly add support measures in the near future.

If you or anyone you know needs help: